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I'm sure there will be many such comments in the days to come. I will of course refrain from doing same myself even though I would have preferred to see a Spey Phantom or a ........... Oooops Sorry! . Well, a bold choice perhaps and certainly one that shows a bit of imagination. One of the great unsung heroes of WWII. I have to confess this is a subject for which I have zero interest and zero enthusiasm but, what the hell!!. Regardless of my personal feelings, I hope it sells well and, to those who welcome the kit, I hope you enjoy it. Airfix are quite adept at surprises like this. I wonder how many could have foreseen a Walrus. Airfix will get no money out of me for this one but, they always manage to produce something I like. The new Me- 262 is a good start.

Tbolt usa

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