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Fútbol de Primera Radio Network was created in August 1989 by Alejandro Gutman taking its first steps in becoming an integral part of the nation’s soccer landscape. With vast experience in the soccer world, Fútbol de Primera realized there was a need for soccer to be listened to on a substantial market list of stations that match the quality of the games themselves. In a historic move, Fútbol de Primera Radio worked with its affiliates to broaden the landscape beyond AM and talk radio to put soccer on the FM dial music formatted stations as soccer specials. The strategy worked and powerhouse matches over the years have been heard nationally without fail. Fútbol de Primera's most renowned broadcasts include the 2002 , 2006 , 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup . Other broadcasts include the Mexico national team games, CONCACAF World Cup Qualification and a record eight consecutive CONCACAF Gold Cups .

Tbol ratio

tbol ratio


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