Tbol detection time

I'm sorry bro but dudes right, anywhere on about any site you look up it'll describe Tbol as similar to Dbol minus the bloat. My personal experience with it, yes the gains are less than Dbol, but that is mainly due to less water retention. Most people gain a lot on Dbol but don't realize its 70% water till they off cycle and it dissapears. However, what you gain from Tbol is high quality hard muscle. I love Tbol and if you get quality it is good shit for bulking and excellent in cutting! It is structured very much like Dbol being that they are both 17 alpha alkylated but Tbol has a better balance anabolic/androgenic ratio without the water or estrogen side effects of Dbol. I run Tbol at 60mg day stacked with Tren, Winstrol, and Test Suspension....its a great early spring cycle to prep for summer. Never tried X's Tbol but I know the big boys overseas like Balkan especially have excellent quality T!!!

Tbol detection time

tbol detection time


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