Steroid shot in wrist joint

– Use in Bone marrow edema (internal swelling in the bone):
bone marrow edema is common in osteitis pubis. Bone marrow edema in other areas has responded to biphosphonates (of which pamidronate is a member):
Rheumatol Int. 2013 Jun;33(6):1397-402.
Bisphosphonates or prostacyclin in the treatment of bone-marrow oedema syndrome of the knee and foot.
Baier C1, Schaumburger J, Götz J, Heers G, Schmidt T, Grifka J, Beckmann J.
They found: “Regarding bisphosphonates, four patients described pain release after the first infusion, another three after the second treatment and another two not until the third application,
leaving one non-responder in the bisphosphonate treatment group.”

This is exactly what happened to me. I had perfectly healthy 18 year old cartilage in my 50s. I went to my orthopedic doctor for a patellar tracking problem in both knees that could be corrected with simple exercise. But in the meantime my doctor gave me many cortisone injections. 2 years later I was bone on bone. I was and am still absolutely horrified as I have no knee damage history. I became a cripple overnight. I pursued legal action against the drug company who makes the cortisone but it couldn’t be proven unfortunately. Regenexx has helped tremendously to get my life back! I am back to hiking 3 days a week. Thank you Regenexx. You are a God send!!

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Steroid shot in wrist joint

steroid shot in wrist joint


steroid shot in wrist jointsteroid shot in wrist jointsteroid shot in wrist jointsteroid shot in wrist jointsteroid shot in wrist joint