Oxymetholone 50mg

Oxymetholone has the adverse effect on the liver functioning noted by the increase in SGPT and SGOT enzymes which are indicators of liver infections leading to hepatitis. The liver disease is observable in yellowing of nails and eyes due to bilirubin accumulation in the a derivative of DHT, there are reported gyno cases due to the aromatizing factor of the drug. Commonly, DHT does not aromatize to estrogen, but this may happen when oxymetholone was purchased on the black market. There is evident puffy muscle appearance due to water retention caused by electrolyte retention causing fluid-filled joints which are pain-free during training sessions. Oxymetholone is used in the stimulation of red blood cells production and once administered, the red blood cell count increases. There is the enhancement of oxygen transported to the muscles leading to increased muscle activity during training sessions.  
Oxymetholone abuse may result in massive problems such as liver disease, heart disorders, hepatic coma, hair loss, prostate enlargement, nausea, clitoral enlargement, diarrhea, toroid dysfunction, leukemia, severe suppression of  HPTA  leading to decreased androgen and sperm production.  
The combination of oxymetholone or replacement by high anabolic steroid such as Deca Durabolin during the transition stage was deemed useful as a large amount of oxymetholone caused lean mass. Oxymetholone has an effect when combined with Deca Durabolin in the testosterone production though it works out well, it may at times suppress testosterone production and hence need for external sources.

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Oxymetholone 50mg

oxymetholone 50mg


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