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The NeXT Computer was based on the new 25 MHz Motorola 68030 central processing unit (CPU). The Motorola 88000 RISC chip was originally considered, but was not available in sufficient quantities. [27] It included between 8 and 64 MB of random-access memory (RAM), a 256 MB magneto-optical (MO) drive, a 40 MB ( swap -only), 330 MB, or 660 MB hard disk drive , 10BASE2 Ethernet , NuBus and a 17-inch MegaPixel grayscale display measuring 1120 by 832 pixels . In 1989 a typical new PC, Macintosh , or Amiga computer included a few megabytes of RAM, a 640×480 16-color or 320x240 4000-color display, a 10 to 20 megabyte hard drive and few networking capabilities. [28] [29] It also was the first computer to ship with a general-purpose DSP chip (Motorola 56001) on the motherboard. This was used to support sophisticated music and sound processing, including the Music Kit software.

Now, thanks to carriers introducing early upgrade plans like T-Mobile’s Jump! or AT&T’s Next (Verizon’s Edge early upgrade has been discontinued), you can pay a slightly increased fee for your leased smartphone with the added bonus of upgrading to a new or different model once you’ve made the requisite payments over the course of about a year (or paid for the phone in full). While you may end up paying more for the smartphone than buying it outright, the benefit of always getting a new one in exchange could be worth it if you’re an early adopter with some disposable income.

Be sure your video has the three most important elements: visual, audio and message! Try shooting it a few ways and in different lighting so that the audience can really see you! If possible, use a microphone that isn’t just your phone/camera microphone so that you can be heard. Microphones help to eliminate background noise. If you are using music, be sure it is not copyrighted, and that it is appropriate for your message. Don’t let it drown out your speaking part if it is intended to be background music. Lastly, and most importantly, be sure the message is true, clear and factual. Even if you decide to make a funny video, be sure it has a message. Your goal is to teach the audience about the importance of mining, not just to entertain them for three minutes.

Next best thing other than steroids

next best thing other than steroids


next best thing other than steroidsnext best thing other than steroidsnext best thing other than steroidsnext best thing other than steroidsnext best thing other than steroids