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In 2007, Men's Health spun off Men's Health Living , a newsstand special which was named one of the 30 most notable launches of 2007 by Samir Husni . [40] Samir Husni stated that Men's Health Living is a "new genre of men's magazines that cater to non-woman related issues in a man's life - that has gone unfulfilled for years: interior design and home that meets the needs of the affluent man." [41] The test issue of Men's Health Living was edited by Bill Phillips, executive editor of Men's Health . The first issue sold around 200,000 copies at $ each out of 375,000 sent to newsstands. [42] In January 2009, a second Men's Health Living issue was at newsstands, 450,000 copies at $ each. [42]

67. Warm Your Engine
Store your ride indoors when temperatures drop below 14 degrees. Very cold batteries produce almost no power, and they won't send enough energy to the starter motor when you turn the key. Invest in an electric engine-block heater (about $20) if you help warming the engine. Some even have timers you can set to turn on at 4 or 5 .

68. Fuller Is Better
Keep your gas tank more than half full during cold weather. Otherwise any void above the fuel in your tank will fill with moist air, which condenses to water in the cold. Since water is denser than gasoline, it settles in the bottom of your tank. If enough accumulates, it'll be delivered through the fuel line to the engine.

69. Know the Numbers
Modern motor oils are engineered to flow at low temperatures and to provide adequate lubrication at high ones. Take oil labeled 5W-30, for instance, which is suitable for all weather conditions except desert Southwest climates. The first number indicates viscosity (the ability to flow) at low winter (W) temperatures. Five will work in the coldest of . climates. The other number indicates lubrication performance under extreme heat. The higher the number, the better the performance under hot engine operating conditions.

It is true that poor office furniture will drive the morale of employees away. When personal motivation disappears, laziness comes in. This may lead to significantly reduced productivity not only at work but also at home and even in other social functions you may take part. When an employee is already feeling lazy at work, there is a likelihood of piling up tasks which will affect the overall output of the company. Therefore, to make your workers stay focused and motivated, it is recommended to have comfortable and modern furniture in your offices.

Men's health models steroids

men's health models steroids


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