Former east german chancellor

The region of Pomerelia at the eastern end of Pomerania, including Gdańsk (Danzig), was ruled in the 12th and 13th centuries by the Samborides , who were (at least initially) more closely tied to the Kingdom of Poland than were the Griffins. After the death of the last Samboride in 1294, the region was ruled by kings of Poland for a short period, although also claimed by Brandenburg . After the Teutonic takeover in 1308 the region became part of the monastic state of the Teutonic Knights . In the Second Peace of Thorn (1466) most of the region became part of Royal Prussia within the Kingdom of Poland, as it remained until being acquired by the Kingdom of Prussia in the partitions of 1772 and 1793. A small area in the west of Pomerelia, the Lauenburg and Bütow Land (the region of Lębork and Bytów ) was granted to the rulers of Pomerania, although it remained a Polish fief until the First Partition . (A large part of Pomerelia formed the Polish Corridor between the World Wars, and so was not part of the post-war Recovered Territories.)

We have PhD students from Tanzania and Cameroon in our projects in Hamburg. Artists from Namibia are also soon going to join. They are happy that this topic is being dealt with and that they are getting a chance to work on it with us. They tell us that this topic is very important in their home countries, but there are not enough resources for an in-depth exploration of colonial history. That is also an effect of European colonialism: Educational institutions and the chances to explore one's history are still very unequally distributed.

Former east german chancellor

former east german chancellor


former east german chancellorformer east german chancellorformer east german chancellorformer east german chancellorformer east german chancellor