East german uranium mines

A classified US intelligence summary written on 19 May listed U-234 ' s cargo as including drawings, arms, medical supplies, instruments, lead, mercury, caffeine, steels, optical glass and brass. [8] The fact that the ship carried .5 short tons ( t) of uranium oxide remained classified for the duration of the Cold War . [9] Author and historian Joseph M. Scalia claimed to have found a formerly secret cable at Portsmouth Navy Yard which stated that the uranium oxide had been stored in gold-lined cylinders rather than cubes as reported by Hirschfeld; the alleged document is discussed in Scalia's book Hitler's Terror Weapons . The exact characteristics of the uranium remain unknown; Scalia and historians Carl Boyd and Akihiko Yoshida have speculated that rather than being weapons-grade material it was instead intended for use as a catalyst in the production of synthetic methanol for aviation fuel. [4]

Ambassador Haley’s shock-declaration that the US is able to “ fight for justice ” in Syria without UN approval , this report continues, grotesquely distorts the very meaning of “ justice ”, as what the Americans are actually doing to the Syrian nation is more likened to outright genocide than anything else—and as evidenced by the BBC revealing how the US is protecting ISIS terrorists , the US-led war against ISIS is killing 31 times more civilians than claimed , and the staggering stockpiles of weapons used by ISIS shown to have nearly all been provided by the US —all of which has led the International Criminal Court to open up a war crimes investigation against US military and CIA leaders .   

As the long-term availability of fossil fuels and the long-term effects of their consumption on climate change become increasingly pertinent issues to troubleshoot, uranium may very well prove to be a possible means to wean ourselves off of energy sourced from the burning of fossil fuels and other hydrocarbons. Nuclear energy, however, does not come without its risks, as the storage of used supplies and the impending danger of reactor meltdown is never far from peoples’ minds. Indeed, finding safe and feasible means to extract, process, dispose of, and turn uranium into electrical power for a population that is stretching the earth’s resources to their limits may be among the next great frontiers of humanity.

East german uranium mines

east german uranium mines


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