East german officer boots

In the United States in October 1993, the National Rifle Association (NRA) ran a 4-page ad in the center of its American Rifleman magazine, the first page of which showed goose-stepping , jackbooted legs under the question, "What's the First Step to a Police State?" [9] Two years later, the NRA's executive vice-president, Wayne LaPierre , sparked controversy when he referred to federal agents as "jackbooted government thugs" in an NRA fund-raising letter. The term had been coined by United States Representative John David Dingell Jr., Democrat of Michigan, in 1981. [10] Such statements prompted former . president George . Bush to resign his membership in the organization soon after. [11]

The semi-dress uniform ( Ausgangsuniform ), except in details, was the same for all ranks and was worn on off-duty or off-post occasions. It included the service cap, jacket, long trousers, and black low-quarter shoes. The single-breasted jacket was worn without a belt, with a white or grey-green shirt and a green tie. Officers were allowed to wear the jacket with a white shirt. During periods of warm summer weather, either the shirt and tie or the jacket may be omitted. For a while a double-breasted jacket could be worn as optional wear by officers and warrant officers.

A photograph from the period, taken in Le Mans, nicely catches the mood. Two teams are playing football. One side (clearly the Brits) is clad in stripped-down battledress, and the other (presumably French) is in dark shorts and white jerseys. The only spectators we can see are a cluster of British soldiers, one of whom stands behind a single anti-aircraft gun mounted on a flimsy looking tripod. He seems to have his eyes on the game, not the sky. Anything might happen. A Bren gun is there just in case. There’s a war on, but nobody on the field appears to believe it, and the poor gunner must have been the butt of everybody’s jokes. The short magazine above the narrow barrel looks as if it holds barely enough rounds to bring down a pheasant, let alone a German bomber.

East german officer boots

east german officer boots


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