East german k98

Just a few years ago, these were being imported and sold for as low as $129, incorrectly called “Schmidt-Rubin” rifles. While this price point is long since gone, you can still lay your hands on one of these Swiss beauties for under $350 in most cases. The Swiss round is very similar to the well-known .308 and any purpose that round could be used for is suited for this rifle. Swiss GP11 surplus rounds are available while Hornady and now even Wolf have started to make the loading for these popular surplus snipers. One of the more popular aspects of these rifles is that they often have a handwritten ‘troop tag’ hidden under the butt plate made out with the information of the last Swiss Army trooper to have been issued the gun.

East german k98

east german k98


east german k98east german k98east german k98east german k98east german k98