East german dialect

One way to define dialects is to compare which words are used for the same thing. For example, the common word for "mosquito" in German may take any of the following forms in various German dialects/regions:  Gelse, Moskito, Mugge, Mücke, Schnake, Staunze.  Not only that, but the same word may take on a different meaning, depending on where you are.  Eine (Stech-) Mücke  in northern Germany is a mosquito. In parts of Austria the same word refers to a gnat or house fly, while  Gelsen  are mosquitos. In fact, there is no one universal term for some German words. A jelly-filled doughnut is called by three different German names, not counting other dialectical variations. Berliner, Krapfen  and  Pfannkuchen  all mean doughnut.

Based on accounts by Jordanes , Procopius , Paul the Deacon and others; linguistic evidence (see Gothic language ); placename evidence; and archaeological evidence, it is believed that the East Germanic tribes , the speakers of the East Germanic languages related to the North Germanic tribes , had migrated from Scandinavia into the area lying east of the Elbe . [5] In fact, the Scandinavian influence on Pomerania and northern Poland from period III [ clarification needed ] onwards was so considerable that this region is sometimes included in the Nordic Bronze Age culture (Dabrowski 1989:73).

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East german dialect

east german dialect


east german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialecteast german dialect