Corticosteroid ointment names

Lotemax is used in dry eye syndrome to decrease and eliminate inflammation of the ocular surface caused by the hyperosmolarity of the tears.  The inflammation must first be brought under control before any other treatments can be optimally effective.  Lotemax would typically be prescribed for two weeks to three months initially and then may need to be used again on a 1-2 week regimen periodically if the inflammation occurs again.  Lotemax ointment has become a choice of many doctors to treat inflammation caused by dry eye (ocular surface disease) because it can be used at night with a long contact period to the eye's surfaces and provide some functional lubrication while the eyes are closed.

Investigation to detect a possible sensitizing effect of Scheriproct or of the active ingredients contained therein has not been carried out. According to relevant data gained from spontaneous reports as well as contained in the literature, it is possible that not only individual ingredients of the formulation base but also the active ingredients themselves are responsible for the allergenic skin reactions which were observed only sporadically after the use of Scheriproct. There is, however, no risk of a sensitizing effect occurring other than in sporadic cases.

Corticosteroid ointment names

corticosteroid ointment names


corticosteroid ointment namescorticosteroid ointment namescorticosteroid ointment namescorticosteroid ointment namescorticosteroid ointment names