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PhD and Master’s students often ask us to supply them with specific performance and/or score data; sometimes we are able to do this, but on many occasions it is not possible for the reasons explained above. However, as ‘researchers in training’, there is great value in you planning and managing your own data collection activity; it means you can construct a balanced sample with known characteristics, and you can also gather valuable additional background information on the subjects in your study, via questionnaires, focus groups or verbal protocol analysis.

This issue focuses on governmental projects that go across the educational spectrum from primary level to higher education. Subjects covered include: Cambridge English’s growing impact on English language teaching and learning in national education projects; General English examinations – the case of Germany; the adoption of international certification in the French state school sector; Cambridge English and Spanish school networks; the use of Cambridge English: Business Certificates as a measurement instrument in higher education in China; Cambridge English trains Thai teachers; Colombia national bilingual project; working together – the case of the English Diagnostic Test and the Chilean Ministry of Education.

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As a Senior Associate (Competitive Intelligence) at CHR, you will work across a number of different accounts and project teams, focussing on different therapeutic areas and clients. Day-to-day activities will include market scoping and analysis, management of projects including client relationship and project team, preparation and presentation of client deliverables. The role will also involve some primary research over the phone and at international medical congresses. In addition to this, the successful applicant will support the partners with business development activities and the generation of project proposals.

Cambridge research steroids anavar

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