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Ortiz took the news of his release from the Twins hard. He had just had his second child in 2001, and now worried he might be out of baseball. However, Ortiz had a chance encounter with Pedro Martínez at a restaurant in the Dominican Republic, and Martinez remembered the impressive home run he had given up to Ortiz in August 2002. Excited at the prospect of his friend joining him on the Boston Red Sox (who, coincidentally, needed a first baseman), Pedro began calling several Red Sox team officials to request that the team sign Ortiz. [10] On January 22, Ortiz signed a non-guaranteed free agent contract with the Red Sox that would be worth $ million if he made the team. New Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein envisioned Ortiz as one of several candidates to fill a void at first base. Competition was fierce, as the team had a logjam of players who could play the position or at designated hitter. Sabermetrics favorite Jeremy Giambi was widely expected to get most of the playing time, but also in the mix were primary third baseman Bill Mueller (who figured to DH at times), Shea Hillenbrand (who could play third base, first base, or DH), and Kevin Millar (who could play first base or outfield). The team's best hitter, outfielder Manny Ramirez , figured to DH at times also. When the season started, all of them made the team, including Ortiz.

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Big mo biceps steroids

big mo biceps steroids


big mo biceps steroidsbig mo biceps steroidsbig mo biceps steroidsbig mo biceps steroidsbig mo biceps steroids