Anabolico proteico no hormonal

The exogenous recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) administration on gastrocnemius muscle growth performance and its contribution to body growth of male and female BALB/c mice fed a 12 % protein diet from 25 to 50 days of age, as well as the mechanism of utilization of feed intake to the lean muscle deposition were studied. Male and female weaning mice (21 days of age) were injected subcutaneously for 29 days with rhGH (74 -1) or saline vehicle (control). Feed intake and body weight (BW) were measured daily. At 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 days of age twenty mice were killed by cervical dislocation and the gastrocnemius muscle was isolated, weighed and the protein content was measured. The rhGH administration caused a biphasic response of BW and muscle growth as a consequence of age-specific feed intake changes. The initial feed intake fall induced the allometric proportion decreases in both muscle growth versus body growth and protein muscle versus muscle growth. That effect was due to ineffient utilization of energy and protein intake on protein muscle store. Later on, the self-controlled increase of feed intake leads to the recovery of muscle weight to control values, through nutrient partitioning toward non protein tissue showing a compensatory muscle growth. This suggests that a higher dietary protein level should be necessary for promoting the protein anabolic effect of GH during weaning.

Per ottenere i migliori risultati , assumere 4 capsule al giorno se siet e dai 90kg in su e 3 capsule al giorno se siete al di sotto .
Dosi più piccole ( 1 capsula ogni 1-2 giorni) possono essere utilizzati anche per il supporto metabolico a lungo termine . Le capsule possono essere assunte con i pasti , e sono divise in assunzioni separate ( 1 capsula , fino a 4 volte al giorno) . Assumere per 50 giorni , seguiti da una pausa di almeno altri 50 giorni .
Perché X - Factor intensifichi il ricambio proteico nei muscoli esercitati , può essere necessario aumentare il vostro consumo giornaliero di proteine totali e l'apporto calorico al fine di ottenere un notevole aumento di massa muscolare . Questo spesso cade nell'intervallo tra 500-1000 calorie in più al giorno .

Anabolico proteico no hormonal

anabolico proteico no hormonal


anabolico proteico no hormonalanabolico proteico no hormonalanabolico proteico no hormonalanabolico proteico no hormonalanabolico proteico no hormonal